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Google chrome OS – free and open source July 9, 2009

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YES!! you didn’t read it wrong it realy is Google making a new OS. When Google Chrome was released people speculatd that google was going towards the OS market. I to did in december on my ‘year of tech’ post. Somone got it right as google anounced today in its google blog.

But what is it going to be like? Well google has said that it will be “fast and lightweight” and able  to “start up and get you on to the web in a few seconds”. The get you on the web bit hints that it is going to be focused on cloud computing and the internet. They say that the user interface will be minimal to focus purely on the web.  The big G has been cutting a new path for itself in recent mounths. With Google Chrome, Google Android and now Google Chrome OS it is clearly going for a new path of fame. Moving to compete with Microsoft.

They are aiming it at the stage above Android, the netbook market where people just want to be able to surf the net. They however strangely didn’t name it after its little brother but insted its couson, Chrome. Chrome is a free web broweser as is the new OS compleately FREE but it just seems closer to android. They however do make it clear that android seprate saying “Google Chrome OS is a new project, separate from Android” showing that they want it to be separated. They already have big partners for this including Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba.

This could be the future of netbooks and with microsoft chargeing anything over £30 per netbook for xp and over £60 for the new windows 7, free is likely to make drematice decreses.

Oficial Google Blog:

BBC News report:

Leaked Screenshots:


The Future of tech July 3, 2009

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Computers are growing at a huge rate. 60 Years ago there was almost no computers and yet now we depend on it to allow us to continue with our lives. But what is the future of Tech? What will life be like in 60 years? or even just in 1 year.

SSD (Solid state disks)

You may have been using this new Hard Drive replacement for quite a few years. Another name for it is flash memory which is what is used in USB memory sticks. Hard Drives has survived for over 20 years which is amazing in the world of tech. But they are slow compared to SSD as for it to work the reading heads has to move. Plus they are more likely to break as the fragile. But  It is now coming to the end of its life. With SSD becoming ever more cheap and with growing sizes it is inevitable to overtake the HDD.

If you turn on a computer the likely hood that there is Windows on it is likely. Windows has been around for years and in its early days and with a bit of help from IBM it became the norm. Back then windows DOS was better than its competitors. Things change however and it is genraly accsepted that it is slow compaired to Linux. Linux is a free open scorse OS. It has done the opisit from Microsofts baby. It started being unpowerful but has grown to the ultimate OS it is today. What is keeping it back is its past with meany people beleving it to be untrustworthy and buggy which has made it hard for it to spread across windows’s Market share. However with time I hope that it will become the OS of choise for millions of people.

Free Stuff
Ok this title is quite genral but with google making billions of pound ( £ ) without charging for all but a few services it shows that free can make a business sucsessful. There is likely to be a big move to free internet stuff over the next few years. Good for us but google is one of the few companys that is providing a service for free but still making money. Most companys such as Facebook and You Tube get millions of visitors a day and just cant make this into money. It may happen but if it will be good for the businesses or the economy, is unkown.

So with SSD, Linux and the mighty free coming to you over then next few years the tech indistry looks set to be bussy. But what will be coming next?

Why I don’t like Apple June 20, 2009

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There are a few things that I want from any product. They are:

1. The product needs to work
2. It needs to be cost effective
3. The company who makes it should have no say in how I use the product

Apple does indeed compleate the first point mostly with its IPod’s and iMac’s (Altough I disagree that ITunes works). But the other two Apple completely fails.

When the cheapest Laptop that a company sells is £750 then the company has failed point 2. Its not like the laptop is perticualy better than others you can buy for 1/2 price or better. All Apple can say is ‘Its a mac’ pretending that that means anything to my wallet.

The third point realy enoys me. I have a IPod touch and yes it works well and yet it looks good but then I hit a HUGE problem. My computer is Linux. Apple has decided that if I dont chose the rubish of Vista or the £800 laptop then I will have to do without adding songs, pictures or even chargeing it.

I do have a Vista Laptop but even then I ovoid plugging in my IPod. That is because when I do my Laptop grinds to a halt as it attempts to load up ITunes, completely witout my permition. It then starts putting over stuff that I dont want on my IPod and 15 Min later I may have got back to doing what I was doing. This problem is so bad that I have brought a IPod Mains charger just to ovoid plugging it in, which is just stupid.

So Apple decides what computers I should plug my IPod into. When and what things on my PC should be transfered and even what Podcasts I have on it. For some unkown reason if i want MintCast on my IPod I cant have it in the Podcast section because I didn’t download it with ITunes.

Apple trys to have as much control over me as it can and i can garentee you my next MP3 player will not have a fruit picture on the back.

Windows 7? – its not that good… June 19, 2009

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There has been a lot of hype about windows 7. People have been saying that is is the best OS coming out of Microsofts doors for years. Indeed to beat Vista all they would do would be to make it work and at around half the speed of Linux and there there.

They have done a good job with the latter. From what I can tell with RC1 it does seem to be at least faster on my single core 512 MB RAMed Test Desktop than my Vista laptop which is fairly new and a duel core with 2Gb of RAM.

The first point however from my experience is that it doesn’t work. My Vista Laptop can at least connect to my network with very little problems. And indeed with my test Desktop when it had XP on it it found the Internet fine, and more lately the test computer with Linux on instantly connected without even needing to give Google a search.

And yet I’m sat in front of the new windows Desktop with the lovely new ‘big buttons’ so i can ‘easily touch them’ not that I have a touch screen (Why do they bog everyone down with the child like user interface for the few people who want to touch there computers?). So I cant do anything useful like go on Facebook or type to you via my blog so i have resorted to my laptop for something to do.

Looks like Windows 7 will be out the windows soon so I can reinstall Linux Mint and get back to that on-line game I was doing. Nearly Microsoft, but still the free open-source Linux beats you.

its better with Linux June 11, 2009

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Apparently according to Microsoft and acer life is better with Linux. They claim that it is trusted, familiar and compatible. Now the second one is true but trusted is debateable as most knolageable people realises that you should never trust Windows and its viruses.

Compatibility is also debateable as if you go to the site (http://www.itsbetterwithwindows.com/) you may get a simple – and slightly boring – site with a  video showing people using there windows laptops conecting camaras and surfing the internet. I say may because I can’t get on to it, if you have read a few of my posts you may be saying ‘but thats linux for you’ but I am acctualy using my PC.

Another thing is that if the MINTCAST is correct (http://mintcast.org/) everything that the people in the videos do can be done just as easly in LInux. I may just have to watch it later when I Launch my Linux Mint Computer.

Thanks MINTCAST for telling me what the video acctualy includes an anyone please feel free to have a listen as it it talks about all Linux’s and not just mint ( http://mintcast.org/ )

New Linux Mint 7 (Gloria) – Is now out May 28, 2009

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Yes its finally here weeks of waiting has now finished and my new Mint 7 is here. If you don’t know I love Linux Mint and has been using mint 6 (Felicia) for a while, but now I have a nice upgrade.

It looks different from the old Mint’s in that it is much more elegent looking with a black and white colou5r scheme (altough you can change this if you want. It also has a nice green wallpaper which looks amazing.

Not all the updates however have been with how it looks, the menu bar has been redone to be more efficent with you favorite apps being right their on the menu. The search bar in the menu has also had some extras, now if you don’t have any apps from the search results it offers you to search the portal or instal the package making it easyer to do what you want.

This is a great time or any windows user to give Linux a go.

More info on Linux Mint 7 at: http://www.linuxmint.com/blog/?p=847

(you will need to be able to burn disk images to CD’s and be able to instal OSes to try out Linux Mint, If you don’t know what I am on about then it may be best to not try Linux(or get somone else to install it for you) )