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A year of tech December 23, 2008

Posted by Jake in Company, future, Past.

The world of tech has changed over the last year but by how much? Yes its another look over the year.

Microsoft Vs Yahoo
Yes Microsoft and Yahoo have been at war with each other refusing to agree and only managed in damaging each other. Yahoos CEO decided to leave Yahoo. However with both company’s in pieces Google has now grown even quicker than before. Plus with Google going into competition with microsoft with both Google Chrome and Google android, Steve Balmer better watch out

Format war
Sony with its new Blu-Ray beat Toshiba’s HD-DVD it the format war. With its more catchy name and larger capacity you could say that Blu-Ray should have won. However Microsoft who was a big supporter of HD-DVD are yet to put a Blu-Ray drive in its ever popular XBox 360’s and so maybe 2009 will be when Microsoft finally gives up on it for good.

Apple seems to get itself a mention in most of these look over the year but i don’t think they have done anything special all year. At the beginning of the year we saw the IPhone 3G which was pretty similar to the first one apart from as the name would suggest had 3G. They also got into a lot of trouble with its AD’s on several occasions with them claiming things that are impossible. More recently we heard that next year will be the last Mac World event in January and Steve Jobs won’t even be part of it. But why as is normally the case with apple we will just have to wait.

One thing to notice is that Microsoft appear in 2/3 of these sections of the year and none of them are good, maybe 2009 will be the end of Microsoft’s strong grip on the web browser, mobile devices, Web mail, Games console or maybe even the Operating system market to Linux, apple and just maybe google’s open source OS.


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