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Itunes – I hate it December 31, 2008

Posted by Jake in Reveiws, software.

I hate ITunes and yet it still holds 80% of the of the UK Digital music market share. And yet its slow and gets on everyones nerves so why is it doing so well.

The main reason is that Apples IPods are Locked to ITunes and the only way you can put music and videos on it. IPods are hugely popular and because of this people are being forced to use it.

Another problem is that the ITunes store almost all of there tracks has lots of DRM in which most other stores have moved completely to DRM Free tracks. Whats worse is that Apple doesn’t make it clear that it does have DRM on its songs and it can only be used on up to 5 computers and cant be put on any of your home videos.

Another thing I hate about ITunes is the delay on Podcasts from it being uploaded to you being to download it from the store. There is a 4 Day Delay on the podcasts and I often can’t wait for it to be available on ITunes and I have to go find it myself on the internet. Then After Downloading the Podcast manually ITunes then it won’t let me put the Mp3 into the Podcast section and I have to put it into the music Section and then into a Playlist named Podcasts.

I just wish that Apple will make ITunes faster and easier to use. I also wan’t someone else to make a good ITunes alternative that lets you download Podcasts strait away, lets me chose how to organize my audio and most of all make it do all this super fast.


1. coollike - January 6, 2009


I would like to update this post as since this was posted ITunes has finally started to move to the DRM-Free Tracks.
In the UK 80% of ITunes’s 10 Million songs is now DRM Free and the other 2 Million will be changed over in the coming weeks.
This has happened as ITunes has finished a deal with all four of the major record labels to alow them to sell DRM-Free songs.

Finally Apple has gone DRM-Free … almost.

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