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Games Consoles January 13, 2009

Posted by Jake in Company, Hardware, Reveiws.

There are several different games consoles out at the moment from 3 main companies, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The first you will probably know as windows creator and about 9/10 computers are Microsoft. Sony you probably know as a amazeing TV maker. And Nintendo are the only ones who only makes games and game consoles.

XBOXThe main market has all three company’s in it, with Microsoft’s XBox 360, Sonys Playstation 3, and Nintendo’s Wii. First thing you notice is that Microsoft has gone for the boring naming system and Nintendo has gone for the completely random, but the names aren’t important.

The most expensive is Sonys Playstation at about £430 with a 60GB hard drive where as the XBox 360 with a 60GB Hard Drive is about £200!! That is a £230 difference. Plus they both have similar graphics. But why is Sony’s baby better? Well it comes with a free internet connection that allows you to play games against other people that costs about £30 for the XBox.

But we seem to be forgetting Nintendo and its strangely names Wii. The Wii gets rid of the idea of sitting down to play the games and gets you to stand up throwing your arms about to make all sorts of things to happen on the screen. However the Wii has graphics sub standard compared to the others but has found a place under peoples TV’s.

Then we go on to the hand held gaming market where Microsoft is gone and left is only Sony and Nintendo. Sticking with the nameing systems Sony called theres the Playstation Portible or PSP. Where as Nintendo came up with DS. The name mmay be better for Nintendo but the product is horrible. With 2 screens and over doubling in size from the model before (GBA SP -> DS) this is to make space for TWO screens one of which is a touch screen as well as buttons. It is so horrible to use when you often have to attempt to hold a stylus, press buttons and try not to drop the stupid thing. Not to mention the horrible screen which was a huge downgrade from the SP and they had to design another one to sort the problem

DSHowever the PSP is a work of art and is only £30 more. it gets rid of the clumsy two small screens to a large clear screen with buttons to easily play the game without having to balance it in your hand. any Semi-Serious gamer will have no choice but to go for the PSP put off but the sheer rubbish of the DS. Now XBox just needs to come and better them both.


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