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OLED screens January 14, 2009

Posted by Jake in future, Hardware.

OLED1OLED screens are paper thin and saves energy. They are the Future for computer and Tv screens. However there are reasons why you aren’t using one at the moment (Assuming you aren’t you can but them now) is because of the cost and the lifetime. OLED doesn’t have anywhere near the lifetime of normal LED which is about 60,000 hours. Plus with the price it has yet to catch on. However with more company’s starting to make them the price will no doubt start to go down.


But why are these screens better? Well as I said above they use less power and as each pixel makes its own light you don’t pay to run the black bars you sometimes get when watching wide-screen movies. Plus it is also super thin which gives it a place in Laptops and mobile phones potentially making the super thin laptops from Apple and now Dell even thinner!

However the screens are yet to get to TV sizes and you can currently only buy them in small screens however with the price going down and the sizes avalible going up, the future looks good for the next gen of Tv’s and monitors.


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