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Education January 15, 2009

Posted by Jake in future.

Education in IT at the moment could do with some work. All they seem to do is type up word documents and make colourful power points. But they often don’t touch anything about OS’s, computer components and Programing. What use is someone who knows what different types of printers there are and its ‘benefits and drawbacks’ from when they typed up a 10 page essay on it. But they cant set one up? And without people being educated on what a OS (Operating system) is we will be stuck in a windows world forever without open sourse Linux or the ultra-powerful Mac OS.


Mebey I am being a bit hard, teachers have to  teach what will be in the tests and its a lot easyer to think up questions on Formating than the next OS. So mebey its the exam boards fault, they should definately start to involve the techology that makes computers work. Well what is the pic on the right? Its RAM if you didn’t know and if you showed this to a group of IT GCSE students 50% woulden’t have a clue.

If the exams don’t change we could be stuck with microsioft windows controling the OS market for a lot longer than it deserves. 

And how meany Jobs only requires you to make ‘power pont presentations’ anyway?


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