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True wireless January 18, 2009

Posted by Jake in future, Hardware.

Company’s are claiming there devices to be ‘wireless’ from laptops to surround sound speakers. They do receive the information they need but you still need to find a cable to the mains wall socket to work.
So along comes PowerBeam (www.powerbeaminc.com) with its true wireless. It can send electricity through the air. With PowerBeam you could potentially have your phone or Laptop start charging as soon as you enter your house. You would no longer have to put your lights and other computer devices next to a power socket just to make it work. Gone is the ugly power cables that tangled the back of you TV. 

Electricity could also be sen’t to other planets from satalites meaning that mitions to other planets won’t need to worry about powering its self.

But of course there are some problems with it. For a start it only has 15%-60% efficiency depending on the system you use. This means that it could be adding huge costs onto your electricity bill, not what you want at the moment, not to mention the environmental impact. Plus some people still have problems with the relatively low power microwaves emitted by mobile phones and fear of the health effects this has 9It has been tested to be safe). So imagine what people will think sending real usable electricity through the air not to mention panicking about the 40%+ electricity that go’s missing.plus the problem of people hacking into your wireless will become a much costlier affair than now pushing up your electricity bill.  

Is this the future? Who knows but if it is then in 30 years we will be compleately wireless and wonder how we did without it.


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