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IBM’s Past January 26, 2009

Posted by Jake in Company, Past.

A the start of computers before Dell and Sony. IBM was the big company in the computer world. They were the starting point of microsoft. They invented the original floppy disk in 1967 and the first 8″ floppy disk in 1967. They ware also the first company to make a personal computer.

In 1979 the worlds first ‘portable computer’ was born from IBM. It was called the “IBM 5100 Portable”.  Portable may not be the right word by our standards. It weighed over 22 KG and only had a credit card sized screen. It was only ‘portable’ in the fact that it had a keyboard, screen, storage and circuit boards all in one box. It had a 16K – 64K of main memory and costed up to £20.000!


No matter how stupidly big it is or how high the price is. IBM and its 5100 portable changed future of computing. being the begining of true portability and led up to the laptop that you may be useing at the moment.

IBM now no longer sells directly to the public after lenovo took over its computing range. But it is still there and it may still have something in it, yet to come.


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