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The OS Market February 12, 2009

Posted by Jake in Uncategorized.

Something weird is going on in the world of operating systems. Microsoft is holding the top spot with about 88% market share. Microsoft has a monopoly going on on with people being forced to use windows to run the software they need.

However from business studies in school i learnt that monoplys altough good for the company, us as consumers are stuck with high prices and low quality products and customer service.

Yet although Microsoft charges stupidly high prices the only other competitor with about 20% Market share is Apples mac. Apple who charges even more that Microsoft and is often unreachable for normal people. Apple forces you to not only buy its expensive OS but you also need to buy there ultra-expensive hardware. 

But this isn’t what I find strangest. What i find strangest is that the two leaders charge stupid amounts for there OS. Comeing in 2nd with just 0.8% market share is the free OS. Linux with its multiple distros is un-recognisable to the normal consumer.

The market share peaked recently at 0.9% when netbooks first came out and lacked the power to run windows. This was seen as good news by tech experts but as netbooks became more powerfull windows was put back on droping Linux’s market share back down.

Yet I am typeing this up on my microsoft windows laptop, stuck with it for my software I have and need. But one day the past of lots of different OS’s could come back. But it may not be coming for some time yet.


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