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The best Shuffle Ever? March 28, 2009

Posted by Jake in Uncategorized.

The new Apple IPod Shuffle, Is it the best IPod Ever? The short answer is, NO.

But why? Its not like it doesn’t have any buttons forcing you to use Apples terrible earphones with the buttons built into the headphones. Or that if you do try to use different ear phones a chip in the Ipod stops it from working. Its not like it is almost twice the price of the old shuffle. It doesn’t even have a enoying Computer voice to listen to whenever you wan’t to do anything. Oh wait it has all these things.

Apple still hasn’t got the hint that limiting the user on what they can do with there new MP3 Player. Be it with music DRM on ITunes or a chip that forces you to buy low quality high price headphones.
I think that Apple doesn’t deserve there monopoly of the MP3 Player market, I think that other players should be given a chance.

Then we may start to get good products that we really wan’t rather than what makes Apple the most money.


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