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Replace your old Back up software – Make it yourself March 30, 2009

Posted by Jake in Uncategorized.

If you are as enoyed as me with slow Backup software that can find Gigs of data that yapeared out of noware. Well you can make your own with just 1 line of code. Easy.

A few things to know before you get started. First you will need a basic understanding of the file structure and how to decide what root you want to backup (eg C://somethiong/mydocuments). You will need windows as it uses the windows command prompt. Plus it will only work with hard drives, memory sticks or memory cards so if you wan’t it on CD’s sorry this won’t work. And that is about it.


First you need to open up a notepad (All programs>Accessories>Notepad). then type in:

            xcopy “————-” “——————–” /d/i/c/e/y

You will need to replace the ‘——–‘ s with your own stuff.
The first one is the file you wan’t to back up so say
C:\\Users\My Documents\* for example
The * at the end of the root is very important as that tells it to do everything in that folder and not just the folder itself.

Then the second one is where it will go, the best way to do this is not to select the Drive this time but insted to put just
Then if you put the saved file on your hard drive/ memory stick then you won’t have to put it in the same USB but instead will make a folder called backup to put it in next to the run backup file.

Then click file save as and save it on your back up storage as something like ‘backup.bat’
the ‘.bat’ tells it what to do with the file so don’t forget it. Then double click the file and it will make a folder called backup and copy the fodler you are backing up into it.

One thing the remember the ‘\d\i\c\e\y’ makes it so that it will replace a file if it has been changed since the last update but if you delete something on your computer when you run a backup it will keep the file on the backup storage.

Other than that, happy backing up.


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