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Windows 7? – its not that good… June 19, 2009

Posted by Jake in Uncategorized.

There has been a lot of hype about windows 7. People have been saying that is is the best OS coming out of Microsofts doors for years. Indeed to beat Vista all they would do would be to make it work and at around half the speed of Linux and there there.

They have done a good job with the latter. From what I can tell with RC1 it does seem to be at least faster on my single core 512 MB RAMed Test Desktop than my Vista laptop which is fairly new and a duel core with 2Gb of RAM.

The first point however from my experience is that it doesn’t work. My Vista Laptop can at least connect to my network with very little problems. And indeed with my test Desktop when it had XP on it it found the Internet fine, and more lately the test computer with Linux on instantly connected without even needing to give Google a search.

And yet I’m sat in front of the new windows Desktop with the lovely new ‘big buttons’ so i can ‘easily touch them’ not that I have a touch screen (Why do they bog everyone down with the child like user interface for the few people who want to touch there computers?). So I cant do anything useful like go on Facebook or type to you via my blog so i have resorted to my laptop for something to do.

Looks like Windows 7 will be out the windows soon so I can reinstall Linux Mint and get back to that on-line game I was doing. Nearly Microsoft, but still the free open-source Linux beats you.


1. logicmantra - June 19, 2009

how do you make a line small, just draw a bigger line next to it 🙂 vista is so bad that anything coming out of microsoft farm will be touted as good.

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