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Why I don’t like Apple June 20, 2009

Posted by Jake in Uncategorized.

There are a few things that I want from any product. They are:

1. The product needs to work
2. It needs to be cost effective
3. The company who makes it should have no say in how I use the product

Apple does indeed compleate the first point mostly with its IPod’s and iMac’s (Altough I disagree that ITunes works). But the other two Apple completely fails.

When the cheapest Laptop that a company sells is £750 then the company has failed point 2. Its not like the laptop is perticualy better than others you can buy for 1/2 price or better. All Apple can say is ‘Its a mac’ pretending that that means anything to my wallet.

The third point realy enoys me. I have a IPod touch and yes it works well and yet it looks good but then I hit a HUGE problem. My computer is Linux. Apple has decided that if I dont chose the rubish of Vista or the £800 laptop then I will have to do without adding songs, pictures or even chargeing it.

I do have a Vista Laptop but even then I ovoid plugging in my IPod. That is because when I do my Laptop grinds to a halt as it attempts to load up ITunes, completely witout my permition. It then starts putting over stuff that I dont want on my IPod and 15 Min later I may have got back to doing what I was doing. This problem is so bad that I have brought a IPod Mains charger just to ovoid plugging it in, which is just stupid.

So Apple decides what computers I should plug my IPod into. When and what things on my PC should be transfered and even what Podcasts I have on it. For some unkown reason if i want MintCast on my IPod I cant have it in the Podcast section because I didn’t download it with ITunes.

Apple trys to have as much control over me as it can and i can garentee you my next MP3 player will not have a fruit picture on the back.


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