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The Future of tech July 3, 2009

Posted by Jake in Uncategorized.

Computers are growing at a huge rate. 60 Years ago there was almost no computers and yet now we depend on it to allow us to continue with our lives. But what is the future of Tech? What will life be like in 60 years? or even just in 1 year.

SSD (Solid state disks)

You may have been using this new Hard Drive replacement for quite a few years. Another name for it is flash memory which is what is used in USB memory sticks. Hard Drives has survived for over 20 years which is amazing in the world of tech. But they are slow compared to SSD as for it to work the reading heads has to move. Plus they are more likely to break as the fragile. But  It is now coming to the end of its life. With SSD becoming ever more cheap and with growing sizes it is inevitable to overtake the HDD.

If you turn on a computer the likely hood that there is Windows on it is likely. Windows has been around for years and in its early days and with a bit of help from IBM it became the norm. Back then windows DOS was better than its competitors. Things change however and it is genraly accsepted that it is slow compaired to Linux. Linux is a free open scorse OS. It has done the opisit from Microsofts baby. It started being unpowerful but has grown to the ultimate OS it is today. What is keeping it back is its past with meany people beleving it to be untrustworthy and buggy which has made it hard for it to spread across windows’s Market share. However with time I hope that it will become the OS of choise for millions of people.

Free Stuff
Ok this title is quite genral but with google making billions of pound ( £ ) without charging for all but a few services it shows that free can make a business sucsessful. There is likely to be a big move to free internet stuff over the next few years. Good for us but google is one of the few companys that is providing a service for free but still making money. Most companys such as Facebook and You Tube get millions of visitors a day and just cant make this into money. It may happen but if it will be good for the businesses or the economy, is unkown.

So with SSD, Linux and the mighty free coming to you over then next few years the tech indistry looks set to be bussy. But what will be coming next?


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